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Martyr plate for turning module

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Standard martyr plate 1 side / 1 pair of branches to exchange that of the turning module when it is too worn and the frames can no longer stand flat on it.

1- Remove all the screws on the module

2- Peel off the old one using a solid blade slipped between the aluminum and the plastic

3- Thoroughly clean the surface using F essence (available in drugstore stores)

4- Using a spray of strong neoprene glue, coat the plastic surface, previously dusted

5- Position the plastic plate on the aluminum, putting yourself as straight as possible

6- press over the entire surface to homogenize the bonding

7- Reposition the straps

8- Adjust the turning flanges and the X and Y origin

9- Check the Z altitude at several points and adjust with foil the possible differences



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Long clamps

Long clamp for turnaround module

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