Available in 4 weeks

Professional riveting press with automatic retraction, adjustable force.

€450.00   (tax excl.)

5-8 semaines
Available in 4 weeks

Very robust, allows effortless riveting and marking of your hinges and frames.

Replaces the hammer and bolt for safe (no risk of slipping) and fast riveting.

The force applied is fully adjustable by means of a nut system.

The same force is always applied regardless of the thickness of the frame.

Can be fixed to the work surface

Supplied with:

- a 5mm diameter tool adapter (clavulus tools are adaptable)

- a single rivet bolt

Base dimensions: 35 X 21 cm

Height: 53cm

Dimensions of the work table: 20 x 18 cm

Weight: 25Kg

Max. power: 11 N/cm².